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As is true of every one of us, I didn’t ask to come into this world. But once arrived, I jumped into thethe fray with a will, and have been fully engaged in the journey since, governed by three things that inform every step of my way;


A passion for people and their success

A keen awareness of the beauty in all things

The constant acquisition of Knowledge, that enhances all.

Our relational healer

Vanessa McClinchy

Vanessa draws from a rich background in the fields of healthcare, music, and education to present a unique blend of thought-provoking and insightful offerings to organizations in industries ranging from Health and Human Services through Aeronautics. Learn more about her journey to becoming a respected relational healer who has offered acclaimed programs that continue to achieve consistent and lasting results over more than twenty years.

About Vanessa
a facilitated journey of self-awareness and appreciation

The Threads of my Coat

The Threads of my Coat is Vanessa McClinchy’s debut publication, based upon her decades of work with challenged teams in a variety of organizational settings. Once known as ‘The McClinchy Personal inventory (MPI) and Coat Exercise”, the tool has equipped so many participants to take control of their personal and professional journeys that it is now available to the public, by popular demand.

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The Threads of My Coat

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Vanessa McClinchy
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Vanessa McClinchy
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Vanessa McClinchy
@v_mcclinchyApr 12
For the empathetic souls among us, and those who love-or seek to understand them... https://t.co/S6pl2gpbOr
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A Personal Inventory of Who you are and the roots of your engagement in the world

The Threads of my Coat