About this book

Being human is a complex experience involving a journey of constant and inherent change, over which we often have little control, if any. As none of us came into this life with a map- or a light, the quality of our journey can vary, at times leaving us feeling ‘stuck’ hurt, and frustrated along the way. The Threads of my Coat is a personalized tool to ease your way to the self-awareness and empowerment that we all need to create the path of our choosing.

The Threads of My Coat is meant to serve as an energizing ‘light’ to ease your on-going journey, and address the question; “How can I improve my life if I can’t see what needs to change?’

Because Knowledge is Power, this book will help you to assume greater control of your journey by recognizing and addressing your ‘road blocks’ from their beginning, to diminish their influence on your present and future. The result will be an enhanced sense of Clarity and Peace as you move forward with greater Self-awareness, Appreciation, and Purpose, every step of the way.

“Why does this always happen to me?”

“What did I do to deserve this?”

“How do I keep landing in the same situation?

The Threads of my Coat

By Vanessa McClinchy

Offering a facilitated journey of self-awareness and appreciation, designed to assist you in;

  • Reflecting upon ‘the road travelled’ from the beginning of your life to the present.
  • Identifying the originating ‘threads’ of all that has informed your unique engagement with the world along the way.
  • Equipping yourself with the ‘light’ of Clarity and calm reflection that will allow you to anticipate -and even avoid- the ‘ruts’, and other areas where you may feel-or have felt -‘stuck’, paving the way for a greater sense of balance, peace, and abundance in your life, along with an enhanced sense of Energy and Purpose for the road ahead



  1. The Threads of My Coat offers readers opportunities for change larger than the deceptively slim volume in which they are contained. Vanessa McClinchy’s personal inventory was crafted over countless hours working with individuals and organizations whose lives or situations weren’t working, helping them to regain choice and control. The inventory affords deep awareness of how one’s actions have been shaped by life experience, and inspires reflection on how to use that awareness for liberation from constricting feelings of helplessness. As a therapist, I know that awareness alone is not enough. One needs to be supported as one encounters the emotions that arise in the process of self-discovery. Here is where the author’s voice makes this more than yet another form or checklist. As one reads the rich text surrounding the inventory, one feels the support, encouragement, and challenges that McClinchy always draws on as an inspirational teacher.

    ~ David Trimble