My passion is People. Their enrichment and inspiration is my goal at home, in the workplace, in the world.



To create a Business world that’s better than the world, one individual, one team, and one organization at a time.



I value the transformative power of human connection as the bedrock of Service, across the spectrum of Industry.

Our relational healer

Vanessa McClinchy

Respected for more than twenty years as a ‘relational healer’ who’d begun her journey on a forty-bed Medical/Surgical unit at a renowned Boston Hospital, Vanessa McClinchy draws from a rich and multi-faceted life in Healthcare, Music, and Education at home and abroad, to facilitate the professional journey of more than thirty-thousand program participants at every level and discipline in various organizations across the U.S., and counting.


By creating highly customized, evocative, and memorable Service Improvement and Diversity programs that ‘meet people where they are’, Vanessa is known for her ability to inform not only the professional journey of her participants, but is remembered for the enhanced awareness and skills that they continue to employ in their lives, their workplace, and beyond, years later.

Vanessa McClinchy


From valued participants

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